These are some records shops where I have found Hawaiian records. I've also listed places where I looked but didn't find any. My record keeping is pretty good about where to find Hawaiian records, but not so good about all the places I've been that don't have any.


Every record store has a few Hawaiian tourist records, so even in Manhattan you can find Hawaiian records of that sort. I'm not looking for those (sorry, Hugo Winterhalter and Longines Symphonette).


Region Name Address Phone City State or Province or Country Comment Most recent visit
Augusta Grantski Records 2126 Central Avenue 706-922-9777 Augusta Georgia No Hawaiian records. Some used CDs. July, 2017
Psychotronic 859 Broad Street 706-550-5774 Augusta Georgia Some Hawaiian records. Lots of other good stuff. July, 2017
Calgary Recordland 1208 9 Ave. SE 403-262-3839 Calgary Alberta Huge collection of Pacific Island (Tahiti, New Zealand), some Hawaiian September, 2007
Cardiff Spillers Records 36 The Hayes, Cardiff   Cardiff United Kingdom No Hawaiian, but lots of other good stuff. The world's oldest record store, but not necessarily the biggest or the best. September, 2009
Cincinnati Shake It Records 4156 Hamilton Ave. 513-591-0123 Cincinnati Ohio A lot of good stuff, no Hawaiian December, 2022
Torn Light Records 356 Ludlow Ave. 513-873-6995 Cincinnati Ohio No Hawaiian December, 2022
Jet Age Records 817 Monmouth St. 859-916-5466 Newport Kentucky Nice people, no Hawaiian December, 2022
Charlotte Lunchbox Records 1419-A Central Ave. 704-331-0788 Charlotte North Carolina No Hawaiian August, 2009
Manifest of Charlotte 6239 South Blvd. 704-552-8448 Charlotte North Carolina Closed in 2021. Had some Hawaiian, lots of interesting stuff, new and used. August, 2009
The Wax Museum 5419 Monroe Road 704-377-0700 Charlotte North Carolina No Hawaiian, specialized in Beach Music (from the Carolina beaches). August, 2009
Cologne Parallel Schallplatten Aachener Strasse 5   Cologne Germany There are a few record and CD shops along Aachener Strasse, even in the back alleys. I think I remember seeing Gabby Pahinui at Parallel. January, 2006
Columbus Colleen's Collectables 1476 Oakland Park Ave.   Columbus Ohio Surprising Hawaiian records. Web site is down in 2018. January, 2001
Magnolia Thunderpussy 1155 N High St. 614-421-1512 Columbus Ohio No Hawaiian records, other good stuff September, 2018
Used Kids Records 2500 Summit St. 614-421-9455 Columbus Ohio No Hawaiian records, other good stuff October, 2018
Dayton Omega Music 318 E. Fifth St. 937-275-9949 Dayton Ohio Oregon District, restaurants, etc. Many LP's, little Hawaiian, good CD's March, 2018
Denver Earth Pig Music 1953 W. Uintah 719-575-9847 Colorado Springs Colorado No Hawaiian, but other interesting music September, 2016
Independent Records and Video     Colorado Springs Colorado No Hawaiian, but other interesting music. I visited four Independent stores in Colorado Springs (Security, West Colorado, Bijou, Platte). September, 2016
Angelos CD's & Vinyl 1959 S. Broadway Blvd. 303-798-6378 Denver Colorado Big selection but minimal Hawaiian. February, 2023
City Records 1331 E. Colfax St.   Denver Colorado Small store, nice people. Minimal Hawaiian. February, 2023
Garage Sale Vintage 1460 Larimer St. 303-955-4405 Denver Colorado Not really a record store, more of an overall experience. Interesting neighborhood to visit No Hawaiian. February, 2023
Mutiny Information Cafe 2 S. Broadway   Denver Colorado Not really a record store, more of an overall experience. Interesting neighborhood to visit. No Hawaiian. February, 2023
Recollect Records 1255 Delaware St. 720-542-8785 Denver Colorado Some Hawaiian, good quality. February, 2023
Twist and Shout 2508 E. Colfax Ave. 303-722-1943/td> Denver Colorado Large selection, some Hawaiian. February, 2023
Wax Trax Records 638 E. 13th Ave. 303-831-7246/td> Denver Colorado Large selection, some Hawaiian. February, 2023
All Sales Vinyl 120 S. College Ave. 970-779-5031 Fort Collins Colorado Interesting Hawaiian records. September, 2019
Bizarre Bazaar 1014 S. College Ave. 970-484-1699 Fort Collins Colorado No Hawaiian records. September, 2019
Rock 'n' Robins 804 S. College Ave. 970-221-9977 Fort Collins Colorado Closed August 2022. No Hawaiian records. September, 2019
Detroit Encore 208 N. Fourth Ave. 734-662-6776 Ann Arbor Michigan Some Hawaiian and Polynesian records January, 2018
Schoolkids 332 S. State 734-663-7248 Ann Arbor Michigan Closed. No Hawaiian, in exile in the basement under a clothing store May, 2007
Wazoo Records 336 1/2 S. State 734-761-8686 Ann Arbor Michigan Above Bivouac. No Hawaiian, interesting others. May, 2007
Street Corner Music 17620 13 Mile Rd. 248-644-4777 Beverly Hills Michigan No Hawaiian  
Record Collector 327 W 9 Mile Rd 248-548-9888 Ferndale Michigan Small amount of Hawaiian  
Record Time 262 W 9 Mile Rd 248-336-8463 Ferndale Michigan Closed. No Hawaiian  
Rock of Ages 31015 Ford Road 734-522-4590 Garden City Michigan No Hawaiian March, 2018
Edmonton Blackbyrd Myoozik 10442 82 Ave. 780-439-1273 Edmonton Alberta No Hawaiian June, 2011
Freecloud Records 10764 101 St. NW 780-429-1476 Edmonton Alberta Many Hawaiian and Tahitian in the back room June, 2011
The Gramophone 7913 104 St. NW 780-428-2356 Edmonton Alberta No Hawaiian, only classical June, 2011
Listen Records 10443A 124 St. 780-732-1132 Edmonton Alberta No Hawaiian June, 2011
Sound Connection 10016 82 Ave. NW 780-425-8721 Edmonton Alberta Very little Hawaiian June, 2011
Glasgow Love Music 34 Dundas Street 0141 332 2099 Glasgow United Kingdom Bit of a rip off. They sell empty CD cases. I bought a sealed CD that was marked NEW, when I got home it contained no CD or booklet, they haven't responded to two emails sent requesting help. June, 2019
Missing Records 51 Oswald Street +44 (0) 141 248 7546 Glasgow United Kingdom Lots of vinyl. No Hawaiian. June, 2019
Monorail Music 12 Kings Court +44 (0) 141 552 9458 Glasgow United Kingdom Inside Mono Cafe, excellent music. No Hawaiian. June, 2019
Oxfam Music Shop 171, Byres Road +44 (0) 141 334 7669 Glasgow United Kingdom Oxfam next door has some vinyl, this Oxfam Music Shop has much vinyl and CDs. No Hawaiian. June, 2019
Gothenburg Bengans     Gothenburg Sweden Lots of CD and record shops. Start from Bengans at Stigbergtorget along Andra Langgata, through Haga to the city center. Look for Dirty Records at Chalmersgatan 21. No Hawaiian, but it's worth the search. October, 2005
Grand Rapids Green Light Music 4717 West KL Ave. 269-372-8560 Kalamazoo Michigan No Hawaiian, but other good stuff. August, 2014
Satellite Records 808 South Westnedge Ave. 269-381-0218 Kalamazoo Michigan No Hawaiian, but other good stuff. Interesting neighborhood. August, 2014
Hartford Trading Post 215 Albany Turnpike 860-693-4679 Canton Connecticut No vinyl, huge selection of rock music DVDs September, 2007
Honolulu Hungry Ear 675 Auahi St. Suite E3-200 808-262-2175 Honolulu Hawaiʻi Huge selection of Hawaiian, excellent condition. July, 2022
AGS (Aloha Got Soul) 2017 S. King St. 808-282-1945 Honolulu Hawaiʻi Used music of all kinds, re-issues of original Hawaiian artists July, 2022
Idea's 670 Auahi St. A-6 808-545-5002 Honolulu Hawaiʻi Big selection of Hawaiian July, 2022
Jelly's 98-023 Hekaha St. #9 808-484-4413 Aiea Hawaiʻi Jelly's is closed, became Idea's July, 2014
Rainbow Books and Records 1010 University 808-955-7994 Honolulu Hawaiʻi Rainbow Books and Records closed in 2011 July, 2009
Rainbow Books and Records 99-185 Moanalua Rd. 808-487-8867 Aiea Hawaiʻi Rainbow Books and Records closed in 2011 April, 2008
Stylus 2615 S. King St. #301 University Square at University Ave.   Honolulu Hawaiʻi Stylus is closed April, 2008
Houston AllRecords 1955 West Gray 713-524-4900 Houston Texas Some Hawaiian. Moving soon so call ahead. March, 2011
Sig's Lagoon 3622-E Main St. 713-533-9525 Houston Texas No Hawaiian, but a cool place to visit March, 2011
Sound Exchange 1846 Richmond 713-666-5555 Houston Texas No Hawaiian March, 2011
Vinal Edge 13171 Veterans Memorial Dr. 281-537-2575 Houston Texas Very little Hawaiian March, 2011
Indianapolis Indy CD and Vinyl 806 Broad Ripple Avenue   Indianapolis Indiana No Hawaiian July, 2007
Missing Link 6053 N. College 317-466-1967 Indianapolis Indiana No Hawaiian, but good stuff (Fripp, Zappa, etc.) July, 2007
JL Records 380 Brown Street 765-743-4534 West Lafayette Indiana No Hawaiian, but huge amount of good stuff. Got a Björk bootleg CD here. July, 2023
Knoxville Basement Records 5009 Chapman Highway 865-573-2182 Knoxville Tennessee No Hawaiian August, 2015
Disc Exchange 2615 Chapman Highway 865-573-5710 Knoxville Tennessee Closed 2016. No Hawaiian, but a great place for other stuff August, 2015
Hot Horse 108 E. Jackson Ave. 865-540-4437 Knoxville Tennessee No Hawaiian, too cool for ordinary mortals August, 2015
Lost and Found Records 3710 N. Broadway 865-687-5556 Knoxville Tennessee No Hawaiian, but nice people August, 2015
Krakow Music Corner Ul. św. Tomasza 4 (0-12) 422 08 03 Krakow Poland No Hawaiian, pricey US CDs, some European reissues. Seems to be closed. September, 2012
Lansing Flat, Black & Circular 541 E. Grand River 517-351-0838 East Lansing Michigan No Hawaiian records March, 2018
The Record Lounge 1132 S. Washington Ave. 517-862-1976 Lansing Michigan No Hawaiian records March, 2018
Las Vegas Record City 300 E. Sahara Ave. 702-735-1126 Las Vegas Nevada Very few Hawaiian records April, 2013
Record City 4555 E. Charleston Boulevard 702-457-8626 Las Vegas Nevada Very few Hawaiian records April, 2013
Wax Trax 2909 S. Decatur Boulevard 702-362-4300 Las Vegas Nevada No Hawaiian records, but some other awesome collectable stuff. Go here knowing what you are looking for. April, 2013
Lexington CD Central 377 S. Limestone 859-233-3472 Lexington Kentucky No Hawaiian records, lot of interesting stuff September, 2012
Pops Resale 1423 Leestown Rd. 859-254-7677 Lexington Kentucky A few Hawaiian records, lot of interesting stuff September, 2012
The Album 371 S. Limestone 606-225-9059 Lexington Kentucky No Hawaiian records, some interesting stuff September, 2012
Lihue Talk Story 3785 Hanapepe Road 808-335-6469 Hanapepe Hawaiʻi Nice place, some Hawaiian records, overpriced April, 2007
Lisbon       Lisbon Portugal No vinyl shops December, 2006
London bside the cside 176 High Street, Herne Bay, Kent, UK 01227 360400 Herne Bay, Kent United Kingdom Any Hawaiian vinyl would be in the attic, not on the shelves. They have a searchable listing for specific titles or artists. July, 2015
Oxfam 170 Portobello Rd., Notting Hill, London 0207 7272907 London United Kingdom Hawaiian vinyl July, 2015
Reckless Records 30 Berwick Street, London, UK 020 7437 4271 London United Kingdom No Hawaiian, but lots of other good stuff. There are many record and CD shops on this street and the next. July, 2015
Revival Records 30 Berwick St., Soho, London 020 7437 4271 London United Kingdom No Hawaiian, but lots of other good stuff. There are many record and CD shops on this street and the next. I lost track, is this the same as Reckless Records? July, 2015
Rough Trade 130 Talbot Rd., Notting Hill, London 020 7229 8541 London United Kingdom No Hawaiian, but lots of other good stuff. July, 2015
Howling Sounds 107a High Street, Ramsgate, Kent, UK 01843-852505 Ramsgate, Kent United Kingdom No Hawaiian, but lots of other good stuff. July, 2015
Vinyl Head 2 Addington Street, Ramsgate, Kent, UK 01843-852505 Ramsgate, Kent United Kingdom No Hawaiian, but collectable vinyl in a cafe environment. July, 2015
Los Angeles Amoeba 6200 Hollywood Blvd. 323-245-6400 Hollywood California Huge selection of many things, very little Hawaiian. It's so Hollywood that it needs a bouncer and velvet rope admission line. Tried September 2022, passed on the line
Arroyo Records 5123 1/2 York Blvd.   Los Angeles California Normally open on Wednesday, but closed on this Wednesday September, 2022
Atomic Records 3812 W. Magnolia 818-848-7090 Burbank California Some Hawaiian September, 2022
Bagatelle 260 Atlantic Ave 310-432-7534 Long Beach California Huge selection of records, a lot of Hawaiian and Tahitian, more than I can buy in any one trip September, 2023
Caveman Vintage Music 3231 N. Main St. 323-505-7777 Los Angeles California Nice selection of unique Hawaiian September, 2023
Gimme Gimme 5810 N. Figueroa 323-550-1878 Los Angeles California No Hawaiian September, 2022
House of Records 3328 Pico Blvd.   Santa Monica California House of Records is out of business August, 1998
Jackknife Records 3149 Glendale Blvd. 323-661-4533 Los Angeles California No Hawaiian, great neighborhood, worth a visit September, 2022
Paradise City 5009 Hollywood Blvd. 323-486-7887 Los Angeles California Good stuff, no Hawaiian records September, 2022
Freakbeat 13616 Ventura Blvd. 818-995-7603 Sherman Oaks California Nice people, no Hawaiian records September, 2022
Record Recycler 17312 Crenshaw Blvd. 310-767-7900 Torrance California A few Hawaiian November, 2011
Record Safari 3222 Los Feliz Blvd. 323-928-2290 Los Angeles California No Hawaiian September, 2023
Record Surplus 12436 Santa Monica Blvd. 310-979-4577 Los Angeles California A lot of Hawaiian September, 2023
Rockaway Records 2395 Glendale Blvd. 323-664-3232 Silver Lake California A few Hawaiian January, 1998
Studio Antiques 337 Richmond St. 310-322-3895 El Segundo California Many records, I found some rare Hawaiian here. September, 2021
Memphis Audiomania 1698 Madison Ave 901-278-1166 Memphis Tennessee No Hawaiian, dirty, disorganized. March, 2019
Goner Records 2152 Young Avenue 901-722-0095 Memphis Tennessee No Hawaiian. March, 2019
Shangri-la Records 1916 Madison Avenue 901-274-1916 Memphis Tennessee Collectable stuff, got a Lena Machado album on her personal record label. March, 2019
Minneapolis Cheapo 1300 W. Lake 612-827-0646 Minneapolis Minnesota Few Hawaiian records, but always good for other music. June, 2015
Hymie's Records 3820 E. Lake 612-729-8890 Minneapolis Minnesota Found some unique Hawaiian they had acquired from a collection. June, 2015
Know Name Records 6009 Portland Ave. 612-869-1070 Minneapolis Minnesota No Hawaiian May, 2009
Roadrunner Record Exchange 4304 Nicollet Ave. 612-822-0613 Minneapolis Minnesota No Hawaiian May, 2009
New York City       Manhattan New York Lots of record and CD shops, no Hawaiian records in Manhattan. July, 2003
Newark Music Connection 12 Summit Ave.   Elmwood Park New Jersey Highly disorganized, no way to know if there are Hawaiian records. Found an interesting Frank Zappa bootleg. February, 2016
Montclair Book Center 221 Glenridge Ave. 973-783-3630 Montclair New Jersey No Hawaiian records. Many, many books. February, 2016
Flipside Record & Tape 120 Wanaque Avenue 973-835-8448 Pompton Lakes New Jersey Lots of vinyl, unique CDs and music DVDs, Hawaiian records are the typical tourist music. January, 2016
Princeton Record Exchange 20 S. Tulane St. 609-921-0881 Princeton New Jersey No Hawaiian records. Many excellent deals on CDs. February, 2016
Palm Springs Gré Records and Coffee 278 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Suite C Palm Springs California Many Hawaiian records. October, 2023
Palm Springs Vinyl Records and Collectibles 220 N Palm Canyon Drive 760-778-2636 Palm Springs California No Hawaiian but interesting and informed conversation with the proprietor. October, 2023
Philadelphia The Mad Platter 111 West Gay Street 610-431-1509 West Chester Pennsylvania Lots of vinyl, unique CDs and music DVDs, Hawaiian records are the typical tourist music. January, 2008
Philadelphia Record Exchange 618 S. 5th. Street 215-925-7892 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Lots of record and CD shops, especially near South Street and 5th Street, no Hawaiian records. November, 2006
Shady Dog Record and Disc Exchange 638 Lancaster Avenue 610-644-1160 Berwyn Pennsylvania Lots of used vinyl of good quality and rarity, no Hawaiian records. March, 2010
Phoenix Bookmans 1056 S. Country Club Dr. 480-835-0505 Mesa Arizona Books and records. Occasionally some Hawaiian. November, 2006
The "IN" Groove 3406 E. Thomas Rd. 602-957-2453 Phoenix Arizona Closed. May, 2015
Memory Lane 1940 E. University Dr. 480-968-1512 Tempe Arizona Memory lane appears to be closed October, 2007
Record Room 2601 W. Dunlap Ave. 602-460-0040 Phoenix Arizona Not much Hawaiian January, 2014
Revolver Records 918 N. 2nd Street 602-795-4980 Phoenix Arizona Occasional Hawaiian and Polynesian. Closed 2019. January, 2015
Zia Record Exchange Various   Phoenix and Tucson Arizona I go every couple of months for rock and blues CDs and DVDs, there is rarely any Hawaiian.  
Portland House of Records 258 E 13th Ave. 541-342-7975 Eugene Oregon Good Hawaiian selection July, 2000
Beacon Sound     Portland Oregon Not a record store anymore. June, 2016
Clinton Street Records 2510 SE Clinton St. 503-235-5323 Portland Oregon No Hawaiian. June, 2016
Crossroads Music 8112 SE Foster Rd. 503-232-1767 Portland Oregon Many vendors in one place, one had decent Hawaiian records. June, 2016
Everyday Music 1313 W. Burnside 503-274-0961 Portland Oregon No Hawaiian, but large amounts of everything else. June, 2016
Exiled Records 4628 SE Hawthorne Blvd. 503-232-0751 Portland Oregon Not much Hawaiian. June, 2016
Future Shock 1914 E. Burnside St. 503-327-8473 Portland Oregon No Hawaiian. June, 2016
Green Noise 5857 SE Foster Rd. 503-956-3110 Portland Oregon No Hawaiian. June, 2016
Jackpot Records 3574 SE Hawthorne Blvd. 503-239-7561 Portland Oregon No Hawaiian. June, 2016
Little Axe 4142 NE Sandy Blvd. 503-320-3656 Portland Oregon Small quantity of decent Hawaiian records, not the usual tourist records. June, 2016
Mississippi Records 5202 N. Albina Ave. 503-282-2990 Portland Oregon No Hawaiian. June, 2016
Variety Shop 4932 SE Foster 503-775-2210 Portland Oregon Big box of Hawaiian tourist records. June, 2016
Vinyl Resting Place 8332 N. Lombard St. 503-247-9573 Portland Oregon No Hawaiian. June, 2016
Reno Recycled Records     Reno Nevada Good Hawaiian. I don't remember which location I visited. August, 1998
Richmond Deep Groove 317 N. Robinson 804-278-9112 Richmond Virginia No Hawaiian, but many collectable LPs May, 2012
Plan 9 3012 W. Cary 804-353-9996 Richmond Virginia Little Hawaiian, but many good deals on records and CDs May, 2012
Steady Sounds 322 W. Broad 804-308-2692 Richmond Virginia Closed 2020. No Hawaiian. May, 2012
Salt Lake City Lavender Vinyl 123 25th Street 385-240-0336 Ogden Utah Limited Hawaiian records, fine choices otherwise July, 2017
Graywhale Entertainment 4062 Riverdale Rd 801-399-0609 Ogden Utah No Hawaiian records July, 2017
Randy's Record Shop 157 East 900 South 801-532-4413 Salt Lake City Utah No Hawaiian, collectable stuff July, 2007
The Record Collector 1115 East 2100 South 801-484-6495 Salt Lake City Utah Very little Hawaiian, great prices, collectable stuff July, 2007
San Diego Lou's Records 434 North Coast Highway 101 760-753-1382 Encinitas California Great record store, rarely any Hawaiian. Arrogant attitude on the part of the sales clerks (I almost forgot what it was like to be ignored by sales staff). July, 2005
FeeLIT 909 E Street 707-733-3548 San Diego California No Hawaiian. July, 2024
Folk Arts Rare Records 3610 University Ave. 619-282-7833 San Diego California Fantastic, many Hawaiian and Polynesian records. Outside of Honolulu, this is the best in the world. July, 2024
Normal Records 550 15th Street 760-212-7794 San Diego California No Hawaiian. July, 2024
Record City 3545 Midway Drive 619-291-5313 San Diego California Not much Hawaiian. Address on their web site is wrong, map on their Facebook page is wrong. July, 2024
Vinyl Junkies 2235 Fern Street 619-794-2399 San Diego California No Hawaiian. Nice neighborhood. July, 2024
Old Town Records 42012 Main Street 951-693-2004 Temecula California Lots of Hawaiian and Polynesian, great location. November, 2015
Spindles Music Shack 27519 Ynez Road 951-676-0500 Temecula California No Hawaiian. It's around the side in a large shopping center. November, 2015
San Francisco Amoeba 2455 Telegraph Ave. 510-549-1125 Berkeley California No Hawaiian vinyl, but I'll go back for other stuff July, 2012
Amoeba 1855 Haight Street 415-831-1200 San Francisco California No Hawaiian, but I'd try again August, 1998
Rasputin 920 Admiral Callaghan Lane 707-645-0483 Vallejo California Some Hawaiian vinyl July, 2012
Rasputin 2401 Telegraph Ave. 510-704-1146 Berkeley California Some Hawaiian vinyl July, 2012
The Record Man 1322 El Camino Real 650-368-9065 Redwood City California No Hawaiian August, 2022
Village Music 9 E. Blithedale 415-388-7400 Mill Valley California Some Hawaiian, somewhat expensive. Going out of business September 30, 2007. August, 1998
San Jose Needle to the Groove 424 E. Santa Clara 408-418-3151 San Jose California Lots of Hawaiian August, 2022
Needle to the Groove 121 I St. 510-371-8027 Fremont California No Hawaiian August, 2022
Rasputin 1820 S. Bascom Ave. 408-558-0781 Campbell California No Hawaiian vinyl, though many CDs. September, 2023
Streetlight Records 980 S. Bascome Ave. 408-292-1404 San Jose California No Hawaiian September, 2023
SeaTac Bop Street Records 5219 Ballard Ave. NW 206-297-2232 Ballard, Seattle Washington Closed 2020. Lots of Hawaiian and other stuff July, 2008
Easy Street 4559 California Ave. SW 206-938-easy West Seattle Washington Some Hawaiian, includes a cafe July, 2007
Easy Street 20 W. Mercer Street 206-691-easy Queen Anne, Seattle Washington Seems to be gone. Just rock July, 2007
Silver Platters 2616 Bellevue Way NE 425-643-3472 Bellevue Washington No Hawaiian but the usual tourist stuff, might try again because they had other good CDs and DVDs May, 2019
Singapore New Disc Village 1 Coleman Street #03-15 +65-9738-8614 The Adelphi (shopping center, near City Hall MRT) Singapore Closed 2020. No Hawaiian, but other good stuff September, 2007
Roxy Disc House 1 Coleman Street #03-42 +65-9061-3491 The Adelphi (shopping center, near City Hall MRT) Singapore No Hawaiian, but other good stuff October, 2007
Tampa Bananas Music 2226 16th Ave North 727-327-4616 800-823-4113 St. Petersburg Florida Massive record store, some Hawaiian (mostly Hawaiian tourist music) April, 2008
Tucson PDQ 2342 N Dodge Blvd 520-881-2681 Tucson Arizona Once had many Hawaiian, now a few. Much other good stuff. May, 2006
Vancouver Vinyl Records 319 W. Hastings 604-488-1234 Vancouver British Columbia Some Hawaiian and New Zealand records, but too expensive. July, 2008
Zulu Records 1972 W. 4th Ave. 604-738-3232 Vancouver British Columbia I bought their only Hawaiian record (Raymond Kane, Hawaiian Rainbow). July, 2008
Neptoon, Red Cat, Audiopile, Beaststreet, Charlie's Music City, Noize To Go, Highlife, Otis     Vancouver British Columbia No Hawaiian records. July, 2008
Washington, DC Crooked Beat 2116 18th St. NW   Washington District of Columbia A few tourist Hawaiian records, but lots of other variety January, 2011
Melody Record Shop 1623 Connecticut Ave. NW   Washington District of Columbia No Hawaiian January, 2011
Red Onion 1901 18th St. NW 202-986-2718 Washington District of Columbia Moved to Maryland, I haven't visited that location. Not much Hawaiian January, 2011